November 03, 2007

Business Travelers (female)

An interesting story on BBC this morning. More than 40% of biz travelers are female (I haven't double-checked that number) and hotels are trying to better serve these travelers.

One of the big issues is dining options. Apparently, more women than men do not like to eat or drink alone. The alternative, when travelling alone, is room service. But the room service menu is usually very limited. I have to agree with this completely, based on my own experiences. Getting a healthy and tasty meal is hard enough when travelling, and almost impossible from a room service menu.

October 25, 2007

Moo Cards! Flash on the Beach! and Mathematica!

The moo cards I ordered, to take to FOTB, arrived today! Yeah!


Looks like the conference is completely sold out! Wow! Really looking forward to it! I just hope my presentation stands up to all the other great sessions on the schedule. I'm having a great time preparing it! Atoms, and fractals, and algorithms...oh my!

Thanks to a temp license from Wolfram Research, I now have a copy of Mathematica installed on my laptop. Yeah! If you're going to FOTB, and you're curious, look for me at the conference.

August 09, 2007

Keep It Simple -- Building Complexity From Simple Structures

My session description for Flash on the Beach is up. I'm going to have a lot of fun with this one!

The complexity of the universe and all of life is based on simple building blocks. A metal is a metal, no matter how many times you melt or pound it. It's the sub-atomic particles of each atom that determine its character, and how it interacts with others.

Computational objects can be modeled on this simplicity, and in this session we will explore examples from nature
and computational art, including the atom and fractals.

We'll look at some basic objects (both visual and code) and ask "what are it's sub-atomic particles?" Starting with these objects, we'll build up models of increasing complexity.

Attendees will get:

  • Inspirational examples from nature and science,
  • Confidence to jump in and start playing with AS3,
  • An appreciation for well encapsulated code and simplicity in code and design,
  • An introduction/overview of AS3 code samples that will be available online.

March 30, 2007

FITC or Bust!

Woohoo! I'm making the trek to Toronto, for FITC. And I get to just enjoy it all, without any stress, because I'm not speaking this time.

December 30, 2006

I'm Wonder Woman!

HaHa! I always knew I had secret powers ;-)

I just couldn't resist finding out what superhero I would be...what geek could?! According to my results, I'm "a beautiful princess with great strength of character". Wonder Woman was my hero as a kid. She was so cool!

"Your results: You are Wonder Woman"

I guess these percentages are supposed to show which superheros I have the most, and least, in common with.
Wonder Woman: 80%
Spider-Man: 80%
Iron Man: 75%
Robin: 65%
Green Lantern: 65%
Superman: 60%
The Flash: 60%
Supergirl: 55%
Batman: 40%
Hulk: 35%
Catwoman: 30%

the Superhero Personality Test

December 28, 2006

A T-Shirt, For Me?

Dana Boyde posts about a common disapointment for women at tech-conferences...the T-shirts never fit us! I would love to be able to wear a conference t-shirt myself, instead of handing them all over to my husband.

A while ago, I got a t-shirt from Macromedia with the Central logo on it...cut for women, yeah! Vera blogged about it. Unfortunately, it was an extra small! I laughed a long time about that.

September 15, 2006

Where are the Women Speakers at Flash Conferences?

Every time I speak at a Flash conference, I'm asked how to find female speakers. Well, Ann-Marie, over at FlashGoddess has taken steps to make this easier for everybody, with the new (and growing) Flash Goddess Women Speakers Listing. Personally, I'm thrilled to be on this list.

March 08, 2005

International Women's Day

Wow, today is International Women's Day and I didn't know it until I noticed today's google logo. Google Search: international women's day

Way to go google!

February 16, 2005

Having it All isn't so easy? No kidding!

This article in Newsweek struck very close to home for me. While my life isn't completely hectic, and I'm not parenting alone, there are those moments now and then.

MSNBC - Mommy Madness

January 18, 2005

MIT Professor Stands up and Walks out on Harvard President

This article came to me through AAUW. It's quite remarkable how prejudice can persist. What amazes me is that his comments were addressed to a meeting on women and minorities in Science and Technology.

"Here was this economist lecturing pompously (to) this room full of the country's most accomplished scholars on women's issues in science and engineering, and he kept saying things we had refuted in the first half of the day," said Denton, the outgoing dean of the College of Engineering at the University of Washington.

Summers already faced criticism because the number of senior job offers to women has dropped each year of his three-year presidency.
~Harvard President Article

When Summers used personal anectodal "evidence" for his suggestion, a professor at MIT had apparently had enough and walked out.

Update: It's always a good idea to double-check sources, and I should have double checked about who the president of MIT is.

The buzz on technorati is mixed. Much of it seems to flippantly defend Summers and his statements. Very sad. I can't immagine what the response would be if he'd chosen and ethnic group instead of a gender.

October 08, 2004

Upcoming Sally Ride Science Festivals

I just saw a poster for a local Sally Ride Science Festival, and thought some of the GalaxyGoo audience might like to know about it. Here's the next four scheduled festivals:

October 10, 2004
North Carolina State University, Raleigh

October 17, 2004
Stanford University, CA

November 20, 2004
University of California, Irvine

January 29, 2005
Brevard Community College, Cocoa, FL

September 27, 2004

Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing 2004

Vera sent me an email about this conference. It's a bit late to arrange travel now, but maybe next year. Some of the sessions look really interesting, and the possibilities for networking with other women in the IT industry are great. Hmm...maybe this would be a great place for all the FlashGoddesses out there to gather next year?

Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing 2004

July 06, 2004

Off Topic: Are you a geek or a nerd?

I'm a geek and proud. I'm not sure why I think of myself as a geek instead of a nerd, but that's just how it is. I spent years repressing my geeky tendencies. I guess it just wasn't very acceptable to be a geeky girl. My grandfather tried to talk me out of pursuing a life in science. When I told him I was a geek at heart, my father replied that "geeks are circus freaks that bite the heads off of chickens". Hmm...I really don't think he got the point ;-)

When I finally embraced my geeky-ness I found true happiness. I started asking questions in class...lots of questions. And I got lots of answers. I met other geeks. We were cool, in our own way.

Some folks use "geek" and "nerd" interchangeably. What are you? A geek or a nerd?

December 08, 2003

Invisible Women

John Dowdell extends Doug Bowman's question of "Who/Where are the Women" in web standards. Why are women almost invisible in the flash community?

Sites like FlashGoddess show that there are indeed women Flash developers and designers. So, why do the boys ignore us?

A number of comments to Doug's post mention that women may not wish to "out" themselves, but let their work stand for itself. Rings true to me.

July 09, 2003

How do you see your computer?

Today's Chronicle has an interesting piece on the Sally Ride Space Camp.

Part of the girls' disinterest stems from societal stereotypes that say boys will excel in science or technology and girls won't, Silva said. But an equally important factor is the way girls and boys approach the fields, she said.

"Girls approach the computer as a tool -- it's useful primarily for what it can do," Silva said. "Boys more often view the computer as a toy or an extension of themselves -- what they can make of it, what they can do with it."

~ Science for the girls of summer / Camp programs encourage them to pursue careers in technology

Interesting....I must confess a tendency to approach the computer as a tool, when it's "work". But when I'm in the groove, it's almost as if my fingertips are part of the keyboard.