December 01, 2008

Indoor Boho Bacce Game

Looking for a timeless game? One that's safe to play indoors? Well, as long as you don't go crazy, this felt Bacce set should be harmless and help burn off a little energy while trapped indoors.

November 30, 2008

They Glow!

These look really cool. Nice alternatives for night-time mood lighting. And they charge on sunlight, during the day!

I'm curious to see how the Glow Brick looks with low ambient light.

Not Your Mama's Monopoly

Here are some variations on the traditional Monopoly game. Collect carbon credits, instead of cash, when you play Earthopoly. Match free-market against monopolists in the Anti-Monopoly game.

November 29, 2008

Globe Puzzles

I love jigsaw puzzles, and these globe puzzles look like a nice challenge. The night sky puzzle globe glows in the dark.

Check out this solar system puzzle kit! By itself, it should be a lot of fun to puzzle together!

September 16, 2007

Tasty Palette


January 21, 2007

Affiliate Programs

By shopping through these links, you can help support the educational projects at GalaxyGoo.

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Plow & Hearth

December 02, 2006

Radio Receiver & Morse Code Kits

Up for a little time travel? Let's way go back to days of morse-code and the early "wireless". I haven't tried these kits yet, but they look very interesting: Radio Receivericon and Morse Code Kiticon The product description says that they're best for ages 10 and up. However, they also say, with adult supervision, they're good for ages 3 and up. Cool! Sounds like a family activity to me!

morseCodeKit.jpg radioRecieverKit.jpg

Genius Decks

Puzzles! Brain Teasers! All in a little box! I try to keep things like this handy when traveling with the kids...or waiting for our order at a restaurant. Genius Decksicon


Shape Scapes Sculpture Set

Shape Scapes Sculpture Seticon pieces have curvey shapes. Not your average construction set. While supposedly a kid's toy, it's also a nice desk toy.


Color Splash Camera

The Color Splash Cameraicon looks like a lot of fun. Retro and techy, at the same time.


Staple-Less Stapler

Cool little stocking-stuffer: Staple-Less Staplericon


Robot Lamps

These Robot Lampsicon are great! It's very cool that they've designed a version in "girly" colors too. It's sad that so many girls don't get to have robot toys, just because they don't come in pink. Well, now they can!


Recycled Glass Tumblers and Platters

Glass is an amazing substance. Even though it seems like a solid, glass is really a liquid! It's also very well suited for recycling. These beautiful bottle plattersicon and fish tumblersicon are made from recycled bottles. Cool beans!

bottlePlatters.jpg fishTumblers.jpg

Pop Art Plates

These Pop Art Platesicon make me think "Abstract Art meets Biology". The colors are vibrant, and the patterns look wonderfully organic. Just beautiful!

Molecular & DNA Jewelry

This jewelry is based on molecular forms: DNAicon, Serotonin, and Dopamineicon.

dnaJewelry.jpg molecularJewelry.jpg