November 29, 2008

Globe Puzzles

I love jigsaw puzzles, and these globe puzzles look like a nice challenge. The night sky puzzle globe glows in the dark.

Check out this solar system puzzle kit! By itself, it should be a lot of fun to puzzle together!

November 24, 2008

Bloco Animals

This construction set is at the top of my kid's wish list. Looks like a lot of fun to put together over and over again.


December 02, 2006

Genius Decks

Puzzles! Brain Teasers! All in a little box! I try to keep things like this handy when traveling with the kids...or waiting for our order at a restaurant. Genius Decksicon


November 11, 2006

Logic Links

Logic Links are great sequencing puzzles, and they come with colored chips to help visually organize thinking.


When I was a kid, I just couldn't get enough of Mastermind. I never got tired of it. The combination of logic and guessing was too much for me to resist.

August 04, 2006

Rush Hour Traffic Jam Puzzle

Rush Hour Traffic Jam Puzzle

Block Buddies

Block Buddies

3D Tangrams

3D Tangrams

Insect Puzzles

Insect Puzzles *new