February 18, 2004

Two Weeks 'Till Flash Forward

Are you going to this year's Flash Forward conference? I'll be talking about visualizing science with flash, at 4pm on Thursday (room 223). My Q&A session is 9am, the next day.

There's so much to talk about. It was very hard to keep it to a one hour presentation. I'll focus on projects that use XML in some form, with either a custom data structure or an established XML application. If there's time, I'll also touch on webMathematica and mathML. It'll be fun, really! :-)

May 30, 2003

XML for Cell Bio

Recently, I became aware of an XML application for modeling biochemistry, and cell biology: CellML.

"CellML is intended to support the definition of models of cellular and subcellular processes." - What Is CellML?

Could this, combined with Flash, lead to real-time-online-virtual reality for cell and molecular biology?

March 24, 2003

Ming to MathML?

Peter Liscovius emailed me with an interesting idea: use Ming to generate a swf with mathML.

"Ming is opensource (LGPL) and is written in C, but can be used by many programming languages (c itself, c++, php, perl, pyton, ruby, java)

I'm using it with Perl. So using one of the XML-modules of Perl and Ming, it should be fun to write a nice math2SWF-converter."

November 14, 2002

Interactive Dichotomous Key, XML fed

New work-in-progress on GalaxyGoo: Interactive Dichotomous Key built with flash and XML

Take a peak, and tell us what you think.

October 04, 2002

webMathematica Powers Periodic Table of Elements

GalaxyGoo's Periodic Table with Flash and webMathematica now pulls data directly from webMathematica!

September 23, 2002

3D molecules in Flash

Edwin's CML reader is now on GalaxyGoo!

Be carefull, this version is a CPU hog.
CML Reader with Flash

"I've seen that in java," you may say. For client-side interaction, I think Flash is the better solution. For developers, it offers great opportunites for collaboration, and is easily updated.

September 06, 2002

Flash MathML Reader

I've uploaded a prototype Flash MathML reader, to the site. Take a look, and let me know what you think.

Guide to NASA Images

The more I play with XML, the more I like it. This prototype only took a few hours to put together (including getting the thumbnails all the same size).

It's very rough, and I'm looking forward to working on it more.

Visual Guide to NASA Images