February 11, 2008

Color of Spam: dots sneak peak

A sneak peak at what the color of spam may look like:

The Color of Spam, continued

I've made progress with Mathematica, and now have my code extracting ip addresses and dates from a mailbox and exporting the formatted data as an xml file. On the Flash side, I'm playing around with some display ideas. I'll post more on that later.


For an explanation of this code, please visit my new code-centric blog: underground flash.

October 25, 2007

Moo Cards! Flash on the Beach! and Mathematica!

The moo cards I ordered, to take to FOTB, arrived today! Yeah!


Looks like the conference is completely sold out! Wow! Really looking forward to it! I just hope my presentation stands up to all the other great sessions on the schedule. I'm having a great time preparing it! Atoms, and fractals, and algorithms...oh my!

Thanks to a temp license from Wolfram Research, I now have a copy of Mathematica installed on my laptop. Yeah! If you're going to FOTB, and you're curious, look for me at the conference.

June 06, 2007

Where I'm stuck, with importing Mathematica FLV into Flash

Below is a short description of how I might import a video file into Flash. I wrote it to explain to the folks at Wolfram what I want to do with flv or swf files generated by Mathematica . I'm hoping that someone may have some insights on how to resolve the problem I'm having when working with the files generated by Mathematica in Flash. Please note that this is not a tutorial. If it was, I'd be a lot more careful about defining my terms and not leaving out any steps or details.

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