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March 30, 2006

Drug that stops HIV from replicating

2 drugs may prevent HIV, studies show: South Florida Sun-Sentinel

March 29, 2006

Stay of Execution? IE activeX update delayed.

Emmy Huang: Do you need to modify your website? Microsoft delays mandatory IE ActiveX update to June

Introduction to Color

Educational Color Applets HomePage

~ thanks for the link Mario!

Flash8: selective color transform

Quasimondo - Mario Klingemann's Flash Blog: Flash 8: Selective Color Transform

Eolas/MS April 11

Sandra Clark - ColdFusion, Accessibility, CSS and Fusebox

Sudoku info

Anything but square: from magic squares to Sudoku
~from Edwin

March 28, 2006

UnitZeroOne blog


Aral Balkan on MS Expressions

Flash Ant: Flash and Rich Internet Applications (RIA) Blog . :: Are Flash%u2019s Days Numbered? (or %u201CIs Microsoft a threat to Adobe?%u201D)

March 24, 2006

spectrum gradient - coded

shovemedia.com - Spectrum Gradient

Doomsday? MS-Eulas-hits April 11th

JD on EP: Full IE/Eolas Apr 11?

March 17, 2006

Vischeck Info & Links

Vischeck: Info and Links

Computer Color Matters

Color Matters - Computers - Computer Color Matters

March 16, 2006

Steering Behaviors in Flash 8

Flaver : blog

March 11, 2006


Scott Fegette: Cote on Corpoblogging

March 01, 2006

MSIE update, trouble for Flash

Richard Leggett: Flash Antics - IE6 Update - Kick in the Teeth for Flash?