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April 26, 2005

Haptics Bibliography

Haptics Bibliography

MIT Touch Lab--Haptics

MIT Touch Lab


Haptics-e The Electronic Journal of Haptics Research

Haptics Community Web Site

The Haptics Community Web Site

April 25, 2005

never mind the noise

Never Mind the Noise

April 24, 2005

General Info for Viz Sci & Ed conference

GRC 2005: Visualization in Science and Education

April 22, 2005

pre conference workshop

GRC 2005: Visualization in Science and Education

April 19, 2005

desktop to RIA

ewey goowy

April 16, 2005

Why Peter Hall isn't using MTASC

peterjoel's blog - Peter Hall on MX

April 11, 2005

computational Science with Mathematica

Computational Science with Mathematica: 12 Easy Pieces: Essential Operations in Computational Science -- from Mathematica Information Center

max call for papers

An Architect's View

April 04, 2005

bookmark systems

Synching bookmarks on multiple machines (coolskool.blog-city.com)

April 02, 2005

Flash for Mobile Contest

Mike Krisher's Blog: New Macromedia Mobile contest!