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What's going on?!!!!

The impending layoff of teachers, and cutting of programs (including sports) here in California is completely unacceptable! What could be more important than education?!

It's a challenge to advance the GalaxyGoo mission of promoting science literacy, and an environment where education as a whole is at risk, it's getting even harder.

Here at GalaxyGoo, we may need to widen our mission to include supporting education in general, and not focus only on science. The quetion is, how would we do this? I'll be looking into possibilities, and asking for suggestions.


What's going on in California is politics...but no amount of money will fix what is wrong with American public education. Here in Maryland, and I'm sure it is more in califoria, we spend over 13,000/studend/year and over all the schools pretty much suck.

The only way to fix public education is to reduce government's role to simply providing the money and letting the private sector provide the services.

Imagine if all web applications had to be built by the state government. A simple blog would cost you $100,000 and be down several hours a day.

No amount of money will fix what's wrong with our schools...we already spend more money for education than any other nation. Nothing short of a revolution is needed...public education needs direct, meaningful competition.

Mark, thanks for commenting!

I have to say that I disagree, though. Public education is the foundation of this country. California once had public schools to be proud of, we can have them again. And not just elementary schools, the University of California and California State University Systems are also "public" schools.

California State University System is a good comparison...even though state Universities are heavily subsidized (in Maryland about 50% straight up), they still have to compete with private schools, as well as other state schools (University of Maryland, for instance). Federal and state grants, as well as all student loans, are given to the student to use where they want to...anywhere they want to. Even though half the tuition is paid by the State (not exactly a level playing field), the state system still must compete and provide a compelling value or they won't survive. This is especially true with foreign and out of state students, they don't get a subsidy. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

Public schools need to compete...until that happens, they CAN'T reach their potential, they can't even get close.

this has come earlier than I expected... the need to utilise the wider community.

following along similar ideas as:

keep in mind there are great educational resources already on the net (eg NASA), and coupled with things like virtual classrooms... (http://docs.google.com/View?docid=dhqn3p2_96hsdnj4dp)
... the technology already exists, but does the will power?

you want inspiration on education? Check out Dr
Sugata Mitra's work with poor children in India:
(I'm only linking to this site because it has the best description and I can't find the TED.org presentation he did)

remember, this is talking about a population that is many times the size of the U.S. How much "flatening of the Earth" do people want to see before allowing the future of their children (and their country) to be mortgaged?