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The Color of Comment Spam

My first attempt at using color to visualize the IP Addresses of comment spammers at GalaxyGoo. This graph represents a day or two of comment spam on the GlaxyGoo blog and our general comment forms.


On the left is the visualization generated with AS3 in Flash. The colors are transformed based on segments in the ip address, including the alpha channel. On the right is the code in a Mathematica notebook, used to extract the data from a subset of a mailbox full of comment spam emails.

If you look at the Mathemactica output, you'll notice that I'm getting "$failed" on some of the Date Element requests. I'm working on how to fix that. I hope I don't have to extract that subset and run a new command on it, but it looks like the date format on emails sent from MovableType is the problem...just have to figure out a way around that.

I've still got a long way to go with this project, but I thought some folks would like to see how it's progressing.


That's awesome Kristin - almost makes me sad I don't get much in the way of spam anymore!