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Trying to install AIR Beta 2 for Flash CS3

Well, I'm trying to install the update for Flash CS3 that supports publishing an AIR file from the Flash CS3 authoring environment. It's not going well.

I've searched, and haven't found a mention of this problem, so I'm posting it here as a reminder to myself and in the hope that somebody in-the-know will have an answer.

When I ran the update installer everything seemed to be going well. I have not installed an earlier (beta 1) version of the update. But when I try to publish an AIR file, I get the following error message:

"Creating AIR file failed.
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash CS3: error 400: Certificate file missing/cannot be opened "

What certificate is missing?


-> Commands -> AIR - Application and Installer Settings -> Digital Signature -> Change...

Then click "Create", fill out the form and click "ok" to save the certificate.

Then click "Browse" and select the cert you just created. Enter the password (and select "Remember Password"). Click "ok".

That should do the trick.

This is only a self-signed certificate, to really sign your app you'd need to buy a commercial cert (VeriSign etc)

Thanks a lot....i had the same trouble recently....your help was useful..- aditya