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Visualizing Science

It really is a small world. I'm sitting next to Rob Simmon, here at the GRC on visualization in science and education...and I find out that one of our fellow attendees has a great blog: Visualizing Science, by Ryan Wyatt. It turns out that Ryan is at the California Academy of Science, in my home base of San Francisco.

Another highlight of the conference has been meeting David Goodsell. I've been a fan of his work for a long time, and he even contributed a piece to the GalaxyGoo Art Intersect Science show a couple years ago.

In other news...Rob Simmon showed up with a brand new iPhone, which in itself was a very cool thing. You might wonder what could top that? Well, it seems that apple chose a public domain image that was near and dear to Rob...in fact, he's the creater of the globe image they selected for the initial boot screen. Rob developed the image as part of his work at NASA Goddard, for the Earth Observatory's Blue Marble.