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Suppport the GalaxyGoo Cause on Facebook

Recently, I discovered the Causes app on FaceBook. This application puts the power of online social networking into grass-roots efforts and fund raising. As the head of a non-profit, naturally I was curious. Getting set up was fairly easy and their staff was very helpful.

If you're on FaceBook, you can add GalaxyGoo to your causes with a simple click. You can recruit new supporters, make a donation, or just show your support by "being there". Note that the "invite" feature is stalling, currently. I've been reminding them every few days, on the app developers "wall". Trying not to be annoying about it, but it is a fairly important feature. :-)

One of the things I really like about the app is that as an individual, you can support several causes all in one place. Very cool! It really takes the supporters perspective into account. If you're a publicly minded person, it can be challenging to keep track of the causes you support.

It's also been more successful for GalaxyGoo, as a fund raiser. In the first few days, we had $75 in donations from three different supporters. In contrast, our six degrees badge has yet to see any action.