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My Summer Reading

Recently, I spent some time browsing at the MIT Press book store. Well, I couldn't just browse! Here's a list of the books I had them ship home to me. I've got my summer reading covered now....for the next few summers, perhaps.

Thoughtful Interaction Design: A Design Perspective on Information Technology

The Laws of Simplicity (Simplicity: Design, Technology, Business, Life)

Artful Science: Enlightenment Entertainment and the Eclipse of Visual Education

The Pythagorean Theorem: A 4,000-Year History

Four Colors Suffice: How the Map Problem Was Solved

Roses, Origami & Math

Unit Polyhedron Origami

Floral Origami Globes

Comp Sci:
Turtle Geometry: The Computer as a Medium for Exploring Mathematics (Artificial Intelligence)

Evolutionary Computation: Toward a New Philosophy of Machine Intelligence, Third Edition (IEEE Press Series on Computational Intelligence)

Cog Sci:
The Creative Brain: The Science of Genius

Models and Cognition (Bradford Books)

Survival Skills for Scientists

These and other books are listed in the new GalaxyGoo amazon shop, which is still a work-in-progress. While the interface from Amazon is easy for simple collections, it gets a little challenging to create more complex collections. We'll see how it goes, but so far so good.


Looks like some interesting books. Please let us know on Twitter if you get a chance to review any of them!

I ran across some stuff on the web about Maeda's research on simplicity, for instance. Not sure what to think of it, and I noticed the Amazon reviews are pretty mixed, too.

I have to make a confession. Being the geek I am....I haven't made much progress through the books yet. I started with Turtle Geometry, and couldn't resist trying to code up some things in it and haven't put it down since :-) I 'm still playing with a simple "Thing".

I saw Maeda speak at a conference recently, and really enjoyed his take on simplicity.

Since I was at the MIT Press bookstore, when I got all these books, it seemed only natural and simple to pick of a copy of his book too.