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Leaving for Visualization Conference

Later today, I'm heading out for the GRC conference on Visualization in Science and Education. This is an amazing conference. I'm still skimming the surface of ideas from the last one, which was two years ago!

I'm hoping to come back with some new ideas for The Cell Project, and lots of inspiration! Perhaps some new collaborations! Whatever happens, I'm very much looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting some more fascinating folk.

I'll have email access while I'm gone, but I might be slower than usual in responding.


Ugh! My flight was cancelled, just as I arrived at the airport. Hopefully, I can get to the conference by Sunday. I'll miss the first day of the pre-conference workshop, though.

Sorry to hear that you got stuck. I hope things are going better today! Have a great time at the GRC -- I'm so jealous.

I am very happy to report that I made it to the conference, and am having a great time!