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FlashCS3: Static and Dynamic elements not printing as same color from Mac

This has me completely puzzled. I'm finishing up a project that allows the user to input information and then print a page combining tdynamic elements with static elements. All elements are black (0x000000), and are mostly text (static & dynamic) and straight lines.

On my system (win XP), everything works fine. But client is reporting that the static elements are printing as blue, instead of black. He's on a mac.

Any ideas why? How to fix it?


Macs use different color font files to keep things easy for people who think a bit different. Just ask him to install the black font and everything should be peachy.

have you tried printing from another mac? maybe it's his printer.

It's not just text that's printing unexpectedly. There are vector lines, that were drawn from inside the flash authoring environment. These lines are also printing blue, for some unknown reason, from his mac.

By the way, the printer is on a network. The blue lines also show up in a print-preview on his mac.

nice blog! just found it a few days ago.


1)what happens if he prints to PDF via Acrobat? i would guess blue lines, since the print preview shows them to, but good to try.

2) how is he running your comp? browser, projector or executable?

3) how are the colours defined? like full hex numbers, or shortened?

4) last but probably most important - what if he switches mac? :)

I'm having the same problem on my mac. Did you find a solution?

The solution.

I encountered this problem a month or 2 ago... then forgot the solution and just reencountered it.

What you need to do run your swf, not from a "test movie" call within flash but rather open the swf. For whatever reason it all acts funky in the Flash authoring environment but is totally fine when run in a real world scenario.

Fun huh?