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Adobe needs a Science and Education Evangelist!

The scientific and education communities use Adobe products extensively. Does Adobe have an evangelist that serves their needs? If not, why?

I'd like to see Adobe doing more to meet the needs of scientists and educators. I'd like to see Adobe at the next AAAS national meeting, as exhibitors--a big booth with demonstrations of the current releases of Photoshop, Flash, and the rest. Introduce them to AS3 in Flash....you'd be surprised how often I meet scientists/programmers who have no idea that Flash has a scripting language, let alone one with the capabilities of AS3!

Why do I want Adobe to do this? Because it will make my life a lot easier! Adobe now owns most of the software that I use in my work. The more scientists and educators know about Flash, the sooner I can get to the project brainstorming and development aspects of my work. We will all start to build even more compelling and useful learning tools.


I tried to interest Adobe in presenting at the Museums and the Web conference this past spring. Thought it would be a good time to talk about Flex. No luck.

Dave, I'm surprised by that. No travel expenses, and an obvious audience. Maybe their Photoshop team would have been more interested? Still, an inter-product specialist would have been well recieved.

Note: Here is a link to the conference Dave mentioned in his comment: http://www.archimuse.com/conferences/mw.html

"Does Adobe have an evangelist that serves their needs? If not, why?"

I know that academic audiences have their own communities and programs, although I don't know the details myself.

When I hear the job title "evangelist", it's usually associated with a specific product group -- someone with a deep knowledge of a given product and how customers want it to evolve.

But if you actually want an Adobe booth at a particular conference, then I'm not sure how the tradeshow-planning group analyzes the different events.

Let me think for a bit, see if I can find a way....


Hey John,

Good to see you here.

I'm not sure if "evangelist" is the best title for what I want, but it comes close. Perhaps more of a multi-product evangelist...and yes, I think this person or team should be attuned to what the scientific and educational customer wants and needs. Also to help see what some possibilities are.

I think that communicating that Flash isn't "just for animation anymore" is important.

The fact that Flash can import and work with so many file formats, is very exciting.

In all the hype focused on commercial applications, the potential for Flash is usually lost.

At an academic/scientific meeting, you will find a very different perspective.

The AAAS national meeting is a big one, and really should have an Adobe presence, in my opinion.

That's a cool idea Kristin. I used your blog (and the Galaxy Goo site) a lot when I was doing development for Wharton Computing.

I'm not sure how we decide what conferences to go to, but hopefully JD can dig some things up for you.


That is really great to have you guys around to help answer our questions. Kudos for that.

I agree that the science and education markets have a lot of potential for Adobe. Flex is a great evnvironment for developing CBT and other learning tools.

Update: I haven't come up with anything yet myself, but will pass this URL to my partners, maybe someone else will see a way....


Thanks John!

I've been thinking about this, and I'd really like a person who is familiar with varied products from Adobe (and other companies). This person would have access to the decision makers for each product, and would know who to talk to for questions and requests. Someone who would know how to get to the bottom of integration issues.

I can see the whole of Adobe benefiting from following up on the questions this person will be asked.

I'm not sure that Adobe would like to work in this domain. They offer extremely great programs for everyone, I ofter use Acrobat Reader and even Photoshop in my practice, and I don't see a way they could be improved for educators. Maybe you should seach for specific programs that would address some specific needs.