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I just stumbled upon this site by Nikon Japan from 2005 called Universcale. As the name implies, it is about the universe and about scale. It is a nicely executed, interactive, Flash-based website where you can navigate thru objects of differing dimension, from the smallest to the largest. Not something that hasn't been done before, I know, but I quite like this particular execution. Enjoy!


Very nice! Reminded me of a film I was shown on the first day of class in my college freshman Astronomy class at LSU 30 years ago. It was one of those cheesy, flickering documentary-style school films, but it was fascinating. It panned from a view of outer space slowly down to where you could eventually see earth, and then details on the earth, until finally it showed microscopic beings. It was, of course, relating time and distance, and discussing light-years, but the visual aspect of it amazed me so much that I've never forgotten it. The ability to show similar things using today's technology is fabulous. Almost makes me want to be a student all over again. :)