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My First Export to SWF, From Mathematica

A little while ago, I briefly posted about Mathematica 6 exporting to SWF. Well, I've had a little time to play with it, and must confess that I'm finding it difficult to focus on finishing a project, because there is always something interesting in the documentation to distract me.

I've set myself the task of exploring the export to SWF feature, and here's an early example. AT this point, all I've done is make some small modifications to provided examples.

My impressions, so far:

Some Good stuff:
1. A lot of power in a few lines of code! This example was created in about 4 lines.
2. Wonderfully simple programming interface--I've always loved that about Mathematica.
3. Amazingly easy to go from evaluating a function to producing an interactive animation of it (even if the swf export doesn't have the interaction part).
4. Nice range of color palettes to choose from, and easy to apply. (I need to research how to add custom palettes).

Some Problems:
1. The resulting swf is huge! 3.27mb!
2. There is no interactivity in the swf - it runs automatically, even though there is a slider visible. (within Mathematica there is a lot of interaction with the example).
3. The swf does not support the 3d rotation of rendered object, which is present in the Mathematica interface.
4. The swf appears to be frame-by-frame animation of stills, rather than making use of any of the Flash drawing api.

Because the file is so big, I've posted it to the extended entry, instead of the main body, of this post. I've also posted a screenshot of the Mathematica notebook file, used to create this swf.

Screenshot of Mathematica NoteBook:

Link to the SWF: warning! This could take a while to load.


Nice example! But yeah, too bad it's apparently a frame-by-frame animation with even the slider being part of it rather tjan being interactive. Seems odd, there must be an option somewhere somehow to add interactivity?

Even though it's essentially frame-by-frame animation, it would be fairly simple to add an interactive layer (for the slider) in Flash. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to import into Flash, and have the frames available as we would with a normal video file. Frustrating. They seem to be protected from import, or something.

I've sent some notes on this to the folks at Wolfram, but haven't heard back yet.