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Examples of what Mathematica can do

Thanks to Kristin I took some time out to download the Wolfram Mathematica Player (Beta) so I could check out some examples of the new Mathematica 6 that are on their demonstrations page. Here are some of my favorites (altho I admit I've not had the time yet to check out all demonstrations, there are so many!):

Strange Attractor of Gumowski-Mira: What's not to love about strange attractors? This one is so much fun to play with and click around! Addictive!
Cellular Automaton Fonts: Anybody who knows me knows I love cellular automata. This demonstration shows what happens when you let some cellular automata rules loose on the alphabet. Really sweet stuff!
Borromean Mesh: 4 sets of interlocking rings that are no longer interlocking when any set is removed. Try to figure out which rings form a set before clicking.
Eight Queens Puzzle: I remember getting taught about backtracking back in uni using the eight queens puzzle as the starting point. Brings back memories :)
Pendulum with Three Magnets: Seen this a dozen times back when Flash experiments were at an all-time high. Still intriguing!
Moire Patterns: Such a simple concept and still fascinating to watch and play with.

Download the player (it's rather large at 80MB tho but worth it!) and browse around and I garantuee you hours of fun! And let us know what your favorites are, we want to know!