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What got you into experimental Flash/ActionScript?

A lot of people that visit this blog have some sort of connection with Flash and the more experimental side of ActionScript and even experimental code in general. Whether it's by coding yourself or loving to check out what others can come up with. So this entry is about when it got started for you, what was the first piece that made you go 'whoa'?

When it comes to Flash and sparking my interest to take ActionScript one step further, Geoff Stearns' Click 3 Points is what started it for me. I remember seeing the original piece on an early version of his website, Deconcept and just spending hours clicking away and being mesmerized by it. I wanted to see if I could recreate it, I *needed* to recreate it. Since my AS-skills at the time (Flash5) weren't all that, it took me a bit, but eventually I came close. I even used one of my own resulting images as a wallpaper on my computer at work for a long time. And then Geoff created this page where people could showcase their variations of his original code, so I tweaked his code and he was gracious enough to add my piece on there. I was *beaming* when I saw my name on the page...

I could list a few more people/sites that have also been influential to me at some point, but Click 3 Points is what started it all, so... What started it for you?


For me it was Ray of Light and Design Insites (now 2Advanced) back in '99. Been actionscripting since Flash 4.

I actually moved into experimental Flash from experimental DHTML, inspired by assembler.org. Then I started hanging out in the math forum over at were-here.com. Things kind of took off after that.

Not sure if what got me *into* experimental Flash code is as important as what has *sustained* my experiments with Flash code.

To get started, there was so much on Were-here, and Flashkit. FlashForward used to take place here San Francisco, and there was always inspiration there.

Dreamless was a big influence on my early Flash-coding days. Thank you Josh!

Of my continuing inspirations: Keith Peters, Jared Tarbell, and yes...you Edwin. :-) I think you are one of the most under-recognized flash gurus out there.

There are so many more, but I would have to write a book about it :-)

MONO*crafts v2 by Yugo Nakamura - after that, there was no turning back for me...I had to know how that was put together.

I was first amazed by levitated.net - he always had so many interesting implementations I found myself spending hours and hours there.