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I love the Theatre!

I love theatre!

I love being in the audience. I love being on the stage. I love the mechanics of lights and sets, and the magic of it all!

Tonight was special. At the San Francisco Ballet, I was treated to a backstage tour of the theatre, before settling into my seat for the show (which was amazing!). It reminded me about how much I love working with Flash. It reminded me how much I love working with the moving parts. Change the lighting, so that an element you hadn't noticed before is suddenly vibrant and alive. That's theatre! That's story telling. That's art.

The artistry of Ballet speaks to me. Ballet is an art and discipline that strives to make the difficult seem easy. The physical power required for what appears to be simple, is amazing. To me, a well designed project appears simple on the surface.

I know I can't recreate the drama of Ballet in my work. But I can be inspired by it. There is always the possibility, at the Ballet, that someone will fall. This unpredictability adds an element of suspense to the performance. When a dangerous lift is begun, the audience collectively pauses breath and exhales together only when the dancer's feet touch the stage again. Is he going to drop her? Will they hold on? If it's the winter season...will she fall on the snow?

I'm wondering how I can bring unpredictability, in a satisfying manner, to my own work. So much in the world of media is safe and sanitized. The communal, low risk, experience of live theatre is absent from our day to day lives. I shall have to ponder this.