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GalaxyGoo's Cell Project at AAAS Family Science Days

I've posted some photos of the AAAS event, including: a reception for authors and illustrators of outstanding Science books for children, the Mythbusters at Family Science Days, and GalaxyGoo at the Family Science Days.

We would have taken more photos, but there just wasn't time. We were swamped! At times, people were 3-4 deep, waiting to get to our booth front. It was crazy! It was so much fun!!!!

Sadly, the Mythbusters came and went, without visiting our booth. I was too busy with the crowd at our booth to notice if Jamie and Adam did anything more than field questions and leave.

As soon as the doors opened, our booth was swamped. We never seemed to have enough room for all the kids who wanted to build cell models with us.

When we designed the booth space, we underestimated how many kids would want to do the activity....boy did we underestimate! We pushed all the "literature" into a small corner of the table, and let the kids gather around.

I'll write more about the event, I promise...