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You still gotta show up on time!

Dan Zanes played several concerts here in San Francisco, this weekend. Since my family and I enjoy his music, I purchased tickets for the show through an on-line vendor. We had to pick them up at "will-call", so we made sure to get there early. Everything went well, and we were really looking forward to the show, until a few minutes before the show began.

That's when another family showed up, expecting to sit in our seats. After the initial ticket checking and comparing, our husbands stayed with the kids, and the other mother and I headed to the manager's office to get things straightened out. The show was sold out, and there weren't any good solutions.

Why am I posting about this here? Because it illustrates what real people go through when every-day data handling is sloppy. If the ticket vender had kept it's data from various points-of-purchase in synch, things like this would never happen.

Another reason to post it: it illustrates that in everyday life, technology is not a magic bullet. You still need to schedule your life with room for unexpected mix-ups. You still gotta show up on time.


so wait...you're saying that coz you guys got there first it was tuff titties for the other family?..or else maybe some other kind of more mutually acceptable ending?

Actually, my attitude, when approaching a solution was that it was the responsibility of the theatre to give us all seats. My impression from the other mom, was that was not part of her agenda. She seemed to expect me to take my kids home. But that's not what this post is about :-)

In the end, the other family was split into two sets of seats and were also given free tickets to another show.

But the point I was trying to make is that there are real people facing personal conflict, as a result of sloppy data handling. This conflict should never have occured.

In terms of showing up on time, that would have given us and the theatre more time to work out an optimal solution to the problem.