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Sudoku, GalaxyGoo Style

I was working on a sudoku puzzle for the upcoming GalaxyGoo newsletter, when I realized that GalaxyGoo has nine letters in it. So, just for fun, I converted this original puzzle into a GalaxyGoo sudoku puzzle. Instead of the usual numbers (1-9), the letters in GalaxyGoo are arranged in the rows and columns of the grid. I'm guessing that the repeating letters (G, A, and O) will make the puzzle easier to solve. (update: no it doesn't) So, print it up, give it a try, and have fun.

Page with puzzle in three versions: numbers, chemistry symbols, and repeating letters.

GalaxyGoo Sudoku


The repeated letters don't make the puzzle easier, they make it void. It's not a sudoku puzzle. In my book, a sudoku puzzle has only one solution... and for a 9x puzzle it has 9 unique numbers (or letters or symbols if you're into that).

Thanks... just saying. I'm so sick of Sudoku having programmed a two-player version available inside MSN Messenger.

Haha! Phillip, you may need to relax a bit :-)

I disagree that the puzzle is void. There should be only one solution to this puzzle and it is based on a valid solution (in this presentation the letters are substituted for the number). You could think of the repeating letters as symbols for doublets.

Actually, this is just a bit of fluff. The real puzzle is also based on code I have been working on quietly, in my off hours.

The idea of presenting this silly version came from authoring a version in which chemical symbols (a non-repeating set of nine) are presented, based on a grid of numbers. The presentation does not display the numbers.

I would love to see your version. Two player? Sounds crazy! I bet yours is fantastic!

Hmmm...while I'm not sure that the puzzle is void, it's not easier to solve...in fact it's much harder to solve.

I'll post the chemistry version instead, as soon as I get a chance. :-)