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Science and Technology week on The Daily Show?

Is it Science and Technology week over at the Daily Show? On Monday, John Stewart interviewed Bill Gates...who made a hasty departure.

Tuesday night, Mr Stewart interviewed Neil DeGrasse Tyson... who stuck around and gave a wonderful interview. Could Dr Tyson be breathing new life into Carl Segan's legacy? He sure makes Astrophysics seem very down to earth. I especially liked the way he talked about how "calculations" make things easy. The really is truth in that.

Off topic...could somebody talk to the folks at Comedy Central, and tell them to make their website more user friendly? Just getting a simple link to add to this post was a pain to accomplish.


Dr. Tyson is da bomb. (or should I say da big bang?)

Somebody should show these guys the BrightCove player.

I also love how the ad is actually bigger than the video.

i know someone at comedy what operating system are you using? couldn't you just right click to get the link?

It was more navigation and waiting for downloads that was annoying. The ads had large file sizes, and seemed to have first priority for download.

It was not easy to find a specific clip, especially based on how recent the show was aired. If I clicked on the wrong link, the page would stall if I tried to navigate out of it before elements on it finished loading.

I'm running Firefox on Win XP.