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Journey Of Mankind

Journey Of Mankind Is an interactive Flash animation looking at the way people have populated the world over the past 160,000 years. It is fascinating to watch and read all the information. I do find the Flash-execution quite poor, if only they would've asked us to help them with it! :) But all-in-all, this is a wonderful example of bringing science to the masses.


Pretty cool story

I agree with you. It's a realy nice idea. To bad the excution is so poor. You know, it is a foundation so you can always offer them to "redo" the thing for them ... (for free of course :)

I did this a couple of years ago.


Yeah, this wasn't much better than a PowerPoint presentation. Nice info though.

@Pan69, nice work for the BBC.

Why is it that when I see something like this I just want to play CivII for the next 18 hours? :-)