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You can help!

We need to upgrade our servers. As tech support tells us, our current server "is extremely overloaded" and is "using *twice* more RAM" than it's supposed to support.

We need your help! With your support, we can upgrade the server and get our database driven programs back online. We currently pay quarterly for a "Base" dedicated virtual server from Media Temple. We'd need to upgrade to a "Rave" or "Extreme" account. We do get a small non-profit discount, but the upgrade will approximately double our server expenses.

Online donations can be made through Network for Good, or Paypal:

We would like to thank you, so please be sure to include your name and address (see our privacy policy).

Our mailing address is :

4014 24th street, #349
San Francisco, CA 94114

GalaxyGoo is a publicly supported, 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization. Your contribution may be tax deductible. Please see our support page, for more information of supporting GalaxyGoo.