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I'm Wonder Woman!

HaHa! I always knew I had secret powers ;-)

I just couldn't resist finding out what superhero I would be...what geek could?! According to my results, I'm "a beautiful princess with great strength of character". Wonder Woman was my hero as a kid. She was so cool!

"Your results: You are Wonder Woman"

I guess these percentages are supposed to show which superheros I have the most, and least, in common with.
Wonder Woman: 80%
Spider-Man: 80%
Iron Man: 75%
Robin: 65%
Green Lantern: 65%
Superman: 60%
The Flash: 60%
Supergirl: 55%
Batman: 40%
Hulk: 35%
Catwoman: 30%

the Superhero Personality Test


Haha! I just did the exact same thing and posted about it. Weird...


I'm a 100% Green Lanthern. Shocking

My top two were Iron Man and Spiderman. Thankfully, Wonderwoman was well down on the list :).