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Flash Player 9 Beta: first impressions

Last month I blogged about the release of Flash Player 9 Beta for Linux. I also mentioned I would post about my findings. Well, 2 weeks ago I did a clean install of Ubuntu and installed the Flash Player 9 Beta (using Automatix 2 for convenience altho the supplied installer from Adobe should install without too many issues, it's a basic .so file).

I haven't tested it yet on browsers other than Firefox but the plugin works like a charm on Firefox (2.0 in my case). Sofar I've been able to view all the Flash-content I threw at it, even the AS3 entries from our last Blogathon. And it didn't have the 'bug' that the old Flash Player 7 for Linux had (at least for me) where the sound became choppy when switching tabs in Firefox. I need to do some more testing but sofar it has been a wonderful experience! So kudos to Adobe for taking Linux users serious!