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End Of The Year Gifts

It may be easy to forget, but GalaxyGoo is a publicly supported non-profit organization. We rely on your support to continue our programs, including all the lovely source files we publish and the educational applications we develop and maintain for public benefit. This year, we are pleased to announce our limited edition thank you gifts for our supporters, featuring cartwheeling dinosaur fossils. Yep, even when fundraising, we can't resist a little fun. Join in on the fun, and support GalaxyGoo with your donation.

Donation Levels & Thank You Gifts:

$20 level thank you gift: bumper sticker

$40 donation level thank you gift: Coffee Cup

$60 donation level thank you gift: long sleeved T-Shirt
T-shirts are long sleeved, and available in women's and men's styles. Sizes are Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-Large. T-shirt color options are white, black, brown (for women only), and navy (for men only). Please indicate your style, size, and color preference on the donation form ("Designation").

$100 donation level thank you gift: All Three! The sticker, the coffee cup, and the t-shirt.

You can make your donation online, with Network For Good (an online donation service).
Be sure to indicate the style, size, and color you'd like, as the "Designation" on the donation form, if your donation level includes a t-shirt as your thank you gift.
You must include contact information, or we won't be able to send your thank-you gift to you. Unfortunately, thank you gifts will NOT be shipped before the holidays.

You may also make a donation by postal mail:

4104 24th Street, #349
San Francisco, CA 94114