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Ted Patrick on Web 2.0

In his recent post, Web 2.0 is Distributed Internet Applications, Ted Patrick writes

"It is simply no longer acceptable to create applications that do not work cross-platform. With Apollo we will see the first binary compatible application delivery model for Windows, Apple OSX, and Linux. Yes a single binary will install on 3 platforms. Why would anyone create applications with a limited reach?"

Indeed, cross-platform is what originally sold me on Flash itself. When expanded to Apollo, things get a lot more interesting. Small teams could produce creative and powerful desktop-web applications, without having to re-develop them for each platform, removing a lot of redundancy.

Changes are coming, and it's both scary and exciting. Scary, because there's a lot to keep up with. Exciting, for the very same reason.


It's good to know I'm not the only one a bit scared at how much there is to learn right now.. espeically from someone of your caliber.