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Playing with Flickr and Moo cards

I'm addicted to Flickr! They've created so many of the features that I'd like to implement on GalaxyGoo: file sharing, groups, tags, connection to physical world (like Moo cards).

One of my explorations of flickr involves getting Moo cards made. I've been having fun with the cards, and uploading pix if patterns I can create with them.

In this one, I've recreated the complete mandala pattern by arranging the cards in a spiral stack.


Here, I've used cards with different cropping of the original image. Overlapping them, so that the plesiosaur pattern is completed, creates variations in color bands. Yes, I'm having too much fun with this.

My two-year-old wanted to get in on the action, and picked up the card matching the t-shirt she'd been wearing all day.