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FLY Pentop Computer

I'd love to get my hands on one of these things: Fly Pen Educational Toy | FLY™ Pentop Computer

The computer is in the pen, which writes on special paper as if it was a regular pen. The user interface is much like hand-writing notes with a normal pen on paper. If it really works, then it could be revolutionary. Especially in math education. I'm curious to know how sensitive the recognition is for text, and if it's any better than using a stylus on a screen.

It's unclear how much the special paper really costs. I had a hard time finding an actual number of pages included in any of their "paper" products. And then there's the whole environmental impact issue. How long does the paper last? Is it archivable? Is it recyclable or reusable? Can you erase it?

The website is cool but a bit overproduced, in my opinion. It relies too much on large flash files and voice (without text). It's like to see more straightforward information. There's a lot of waiting for content to load.


Hey Kristin,

My son has a FLY pen and it's a pretty cool invention.

The paper can get expensive (we bought an 8.5"x11" pad), and there are a few different software cartridges (he has math).

I'm not sure if the pen actually does recognition of what's written, but reading the coordinates of what's drawn.

If you go to the FLYpentop store, it has all the stuff you can add.

The ink cartridge is not very big and it might be empty soon, and I haven't seen a replacement sold anywhere here in Canada (the pen won't work without the actual ink).

Which brings to the next point:

The material that comes with the pen, or extra software, can only be used a limited number of times, because the pen has written over the page(s). So after a couple of times, the pages get lots of markings.

Don't think the ink can be erased easily (and it'd probably erase the tiny dots on the paper).

Overall, a very cool toy. Oh, the battery drains pretty fast too.

I so want one for christmas. My uncle is getting it for me.

i do not have one so i am looking forward to buy it so i think itis so cool my friend have's one and it is so cool.

I have one of the fly pentop computers and it is awsome. I just got it for Christmas and I haven't used it very much. I have a few games and a Spanish translator. It's a life saver in spanish seeing as I really can't learn a second language but it really helps me. I think It's awsome.