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Where are the Women Speakers at Flash Conferences?

Every time I speak at a Flash conference, I'm asked how to find female speakers. Well, Ann-Marie, over at FlashGoddess has taken steps to make this easier for everybody, with the new (and growing) Flash Goddess Women Speakers Listing. Personally, I'm thrilled to be on this list.


Surely whether a speaker is female or male makes no diff, you getting them to speak because of their subject knowledge not their sex.

Anyway you should also add Veronique Bossier to the list.

Tink, yes you're right there. Veronique should be on the list. I beleive that it is an opt-in list, and to be included, we need to send in our information. If you know of other women who should be on the list, I encourage you to bring it to their attention.

However, Flash conferences are noticably short on female speakers. Some people have noticed this. The last conference I spoke at, I was asked who the female Flash speakers were in Europe. I didn't know off-hand, so I think this list could be a good start.