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Help! Trouble loading data into Flash remotely.

Yep, I'm having trouble with cross-domain data loading and quirky policy files again.

I recall someone recently posted on the blogs about having similar troubles, where the data loaded just fine when tested on local dev machine, but wouldn't load from server. I'd appreciate it if anyone could point me to that post, or another solution.

The problem seems to stem from being on an unexpected port, again. There are policy files on both servers, but the server the swf is on seems to be unable to locate the crossdomain.xml file on the remote server with the data.


Have you tried hard coding the path to the policy file? For example:

System.security.loadPolicyFile (YOUR_POLICY_FILE)

We had a similar problem when we let Flash assume the location of the file even though it resided in the server root.

The other problem may be an HTTPS issue with IE like the one explained here http://www.gmrweb.net/2005/08/18/flash-remoting-https-internet-explorer/

You might also try setting the secure attribute to false in your crossdomain

 this seemed to fix a similar issue we had even though we werent using HTTPS.

Hope that helps,

Hi Dave, thanks!

Yep, I've done the hard-coding in the swf.

I'll try setting the secute attribute to false...keeping fingers crossed.

Last time, the port number was part of the URL for the policy file, but on this new server, the port number is not in the path. ahh...adapting to cha-cha-changes :-)

Sadly, adding the secure attribute didn't help.