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GalaxyGoo Museum Shop

In the tradition of museums who stock gift shops with items related to their exhibits, the GalalaxyGoo Museum Shop will be all about science, art, and geeky items.

Over the years, we've experimented with different ways to work with affiliate programs. These ranged from hand-coded html pages, to database driven Flash visualizations. Now we're trying something different. We participate in a number of affiliate programs, and creating a "package" that they all fit in has been a challenge. So, we're trying a blog.

The GalaxyGoo Museum Shop has links to specific products that we like, at our various affiliates. We're still playing around with tags, but so far entries have tags for subject (biology, general science, ...), activity type (games, books, ...), and affiliates (adobe, mindware,...). We will even have links to our own designs at CafePress.