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Discrepancy in the Glow Filter in Flash8?

I never use the filters that Flash8 has inside the authoring environment. But after Kristin pointed out to me she had problems reproducing a Glow Filter in AS that she had made in the authoring environment I checked it out.

The default Glow Filter settings inside the authoring environment are as follows: color is #FF0000 (red) at alpha 100%, blurX & blurY are 5, strength is 100%, quality is low and knock out and inner glow are unchecked.
To recreate this using AS you need the same settings as above except the strength needs to be set to 1 and alpha needs to be set to 1. The alpha parameter in AS goes from 0 to 1 which makes enuf sense. However according to the docs the strength goes from 0 to 255. So how does this relate to the strength settings inside the authoring environment which can be set from 0% to 1000%? 100% relates to 1 apparently. So there doesn't seem to be a linear transformation. Which seems odd.

I haven't checked any of the other filters if there are odd differences between filters applied inside the authoring environment and those applied in AS. Anybody?