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August 16, 2006

GalaxyGoo Museum Shop

In the tradition of museums who stock gift shops with items related to their exhibits, the GalalaxyGoo Museum Shop will be all about science, art, and geeky items.

Over the years, we've experimented with different ways to work with affiliate programs. These ranged from hand-coded html pages, to database driven Flash visualizations. Now we're trying something different. We participate in a number of affiliate programs, and creating a "package" that they all fit in has been a challenge. So, we're trying a blog.

The GalaxyGoo Museum Shop has links to specific products that we like, at our various affiliates. We're still playing around with tags, but so far entries have tags for subject (biology, general science, ...), activity type (games, books, ...), and affiliates (adobe, mindware,...). We will even have links to our own designs at CafePress.

August 15, 2006

New CTO at GalaxyGoo

It is with great pleasure that I announce GalaxyGoo's new CTO: Edwin Heijmen. He's a long time contributor to GalaxyGoo; most recently as part of the blogathon. He posted several AS3 experiments. This is a volunteer position, so we're especially grateful to have him take on this more formal role at GalaxyGoo.

Joining the GalaxyGoo Advisory Board, is our former CTO: Mike Walth. We're looking forward to interacting with Mike in this new capacity. It's good to mix things up a bit, from time to time. Also joining the GalaxyGoo Advisory Board, is Stacey Mulcahy .

Discrepancy in the Glow Filter in Flash8?

I never use the filters that Flash8 has inside the authoring environment. But after Kristin pointed out to me she had problems reproducing a Glow Filter in AS that she had made in the authoring environment I checked it out.

The default Glow Filter settings inside the authoring environment are as follows: color is #FF0000 (red) at alpha 100%, blurX & blurY are 5, strength is 100%, quality is low and knock out and inner glow are unchecked.
To recreate this using AS you need the same settings as above except the strength needs to be set to 1 and alpha needs to be set to 1. The alpha parameter in AS goes from 0 to 1 which makes enuf sense. However according to the docs the strength goes from 0 to 255. So how does this relate to the strength settings inside the authoring environment which can be set from 0% to 1000%? 100% relates to 1 apparently. So there doesn't seem to be a linear transformation. Which seems odd.

I haven't checked any of the other filters if there are odd differences between filters applied inside the authoring environment and those applied in AS. Anybody?

August 11, 2006

Quantum Man

According to quantum physics, the world is fundamentally quite different than it seems. For example, instead of having well-defined boundaries, every object turns out to really have fuzzy edges. Related to that, matter has a wave-like quality associated with its motion. Quantum physics describes a moving object as consisting of waves oriented perpendicular to its direction of motion. Drawing inspiration from that image, artist Julian Voss-Andreae has created an image of a walking human as a quantum object.

I've been a fan of Julian's work for some time now, and he continually impresses me, but I think this is my new favorite. Julian was kind enough to provide three views of the piece, and I added the transitions in an attempt to shift your view from one perspective to the next instead of presenting them as a choppy slide-show.

August 07, 2006

GalaxyGoo Nominated for Best Visual Arts Project

Woohoo! We've been nominated for the Best Visual Arts Project in this year's Blogathon.

August 04, 2006

Scientifics Online and GalaxyGoo

GalaxyGoo is an affiliate of the Scientifics Online store. So now you can support GalaxyGoo and your geeky habits at the same time.

Find the largest selection of toys and tools for kids, hobbyists and science geeks of all ages at ScientificsOnline.com.

We'll be adding links to specific items soon...like telescopes and science kits.

August 01, 2006

Born To Run

Just came across this interesting article:
Biomechanical research reveals a surprising key to the survival of our species: Humans are built to outrun nearly every other animal on the planet over long distances

I wouldn't want to try this out against a hungry cheetah tho :)