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The One Vein

Introduction: Just hypnotizing! I remember that 25 lines of code competition Mike mentions. Some damn nice stuff came out of it. This is one of em... - Edwin


Author: Mike Johnson

Author's comments:

If memory serves me correctly, it was in 2002 when it was suggested in the We're Here forums to
have a contest to see what people could do with the new drawing API in Flash in 25 lines of code
or less. Only code could be used in the final product, no existing assets from the .fla. I had
been inspired by some of the work done by Jared Tarbell and thought that would be a good challenge
to undertake - of course in 25 lines. This is the result.

It has been dug up fairly recently by Grant Skinner and rehashed very beautifully, and I
subsequently showed the code to a friend at work. We trimmed it down to about 16 lines.
That prompted me to clean up (and expand) the code just a touch to make it a bit easier to dissect.
Be warned however, it's roots as an experiment from 25 lines is still fairly apparent!

This requires Flash 7.

This was done purely using Flash MX.

Download Source

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I think I might have had something to do with that 25 line thingy... :)

Heh, yes, I neglected to mention that Keith Peters (aka Bit-101) was the originator of the idea!

Ahhhh...the good old days, when people had time for things like the 25 line contest.

Maybe, with AS3, people will get all inspired again, and we'll see more experimental and community projects again.