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Sticky Elemental Snow 1a

Introduction: The periodic table of elements with a twist! Makes me wanna watch it and see if I can remember the name of each element that sticks in the grid. - Edwin


Author: Kristin Henry
Author's comments: This one revisits an idea I toyed with back in 2003, but with a twist. Just as in the original, boxes from the periodic table of elements drift down the screen, but this time they're sticky. If a box drifts close to where it's element would be positioned in the table, it sticks. Eventually, the table fills in, if you let it run long enough.

If you download the source, be warned that there is a bit of legacy code in there.

Download Source

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Man, that's great! I can totally see it in green with a little blur filter and some different depths to it to be like the Matrix! =D

:-) Easily done...in fact, I've got a colored version of this coming up. The colors are determined by the atomic number of the element, and represent what type of element it is...you'll see when it gets posted.