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Steering Behaviors : Ships

Mike's great at steering behaviours, and this time he applies them to space ships. You're the red ship in this fun little game.


Author: Mike Johnson
Author's comments:
This was a chance to combine several steering behaviors into a single environment and
give the user a chance to interact. The player can control the red spaceship using the
arrow keys to move and spacebar to fire. The other ships are controlled by computer and
will try to destroy all ships, since in the end there can be only one. To that end, the
ships will figure out the closest target and turn towards it. If it is not close enough to
have a decent chance of hitting it's target, it will move toward the target. Once in range
of a target it will open fire. A ship that is hit will recognize that it is in peril and try
to take some simple evasive maneuvers. There was a small effort made at also avoiding obstacles,
but you can really only see it in play if the last ship is left and is trying to avoid the asteroids.

This requires Flash 7. Click to start or restart. Control the red ship with arrow keys to move and
the spacebar to fire.

This was done purely using Flash MX.

Download Source

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This reminds me of those old arcade games... Loving it!