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RNA Interactive Simulation

Okay, here's the "advanced" version of the earlier one. This version would be great for those who lecture in a more Socratic style, as in "okay, who can tell me what the next codon is and codes for?" or for students to practice what they have learned. Phyllis


Author: Kristin Henry
Author's comments:
Showing a process in Molecular Biolog again (the initiation of RNA translation), but this time it's an interactive simulation. It uses the same base functions as the auto-animation version.

If you're Biology is a litte rusty, here's a hint: I've set this one up so that the tRNA are lined up in the order they bind to the template strand. If this was a full project, the tRNA's would be randomly generated, and the student would need to figure out which codons matched up. There would also be a lot more error handling, and different simulated events based on user input.

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