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RNA Animation

Okay, now we're finally a little closer to my realm! I think back to all those lectures as an undergraduate, where the person was scribbling all those codons on the chalkboard (yeah, I'm that old). I remember lecturers basically "hand-animating" the process of protein building. Heck, I remember me doing those same things. I'm just a little jealous of the "next" generation as they get to see things a little closer to how they actually are. Phyllis


Author: Kristin Henry
Author's comments:
This one shows a process in molecular biology (the initiation of RNA translation) and even though it's coded, it runs through as an animation without any user interaction. While it could have been created with frame-by-frame authoring, I wanted to use much of the same code with a simulation version, which I'll post next.

To run the animation, click on the small button in the bottom right corner. It only runs once, so you'll need to refresh your browser to run it again.

Download Source

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