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Landscape Generation : Perlin Noise

Introduction: This one is just so cool! I love the way the landscape seems to melt onto an invisible form when it's rendering. Very organic looking. ~Kristin


Author: Mike Johnson
Author's comments:
This was one of my first experiments with Flash 8, and it was driven by the promise of a new function : Perlin oise. I had played around with fractal landscape generation before in Flash MX, but it was simply too slow to render in iner detail as the original algorithms I had used were based on random midpoint displacement. This experiment was one before Flash 8 was officially released, so it was guesswork on the parameters based on visual feedback from playing and typical convention with implementing the algorithm.

This requires Flash 8. Click on the file to generate a new landscape.

This was done purely using FlashDevelop and MTASC and includes the project file.

Download Source

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A while ago, when that demo was first released, (also before official 8 release), I made a similar one, based off that code. It's much bigger, and more optimized. However, it's not quite as smooth looking

Here's the swf:

And here's a screenshot:

This is super cool. This would be really neat as abstract art - print to pdf and have it on canvas.