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Image Transformer

Introduction: So Cool! I just love that the original image transitions into a transformed version of itself. Not only does the image flip over, but Edwin also applies a color transformation. And the pixelation transtition is very cool. ~Kristin.


Author: Edwin Heijmen
Author's comments: Through averaging colors an image is pixelated into one single color and then 'depixelated' back into another image and then again thru pixelation back to the first image and so on.

NOTE: FlashPlayer9 required!

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I didn't really apply a color transformation, at least not using ActionScript, sorry :) It's just 2 images that are 'transforming' into each other. Just took the original and changed it around in PhotoShop to become the second one.

It still looks cool! And I think you could do that in Flash...could be tricky with code, to get it how you wanted though.