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GalaxyGoo Blogathon FAQ

We'll be updating this faq, as new questions come to our attention.

What does Flash have to do with it?
We'll be posting experimental Flash projects every 30 minutes, for the 24 hours of the blogathon.

Can I get the source files?
Yes, we'll be posting source files along with the published swf files.

What version of Flash?
The projects are in various versions of Flash, including Flash8 and Flash9.

What about AS3?
Yes, some of them will be coded with AS3.

Will there be any surprise guests?
Perhaps, but we can't say anything at this time.

What's a blogathon?
It's like a walkathon, except that bloggers from around the world are blogging for 24 hours without stopping, to raise money for non-profit organizations.

Who is GalaxyGoo raising money for?
GalaxyGoo. We're very unusual in the blogathon, as the only blogger who is also the non-profit organization. Money donated by our sponsors will support the educational projects at GalaxyGoo.

GalaxyGoo is a non-profit organization?
That's right. GalaxyGoo is a real 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, non-profit organization.

When does it start?
6am (pacific), Saturday July 29, 2006.

What time will it be where I am?
Here's a map of time zones. San Francisco is in the pacific time zone (+8). When it's 6am in San Francisco, it will be 9am in New York and 2pm in London.

Why do you say "GalaxyGoo is a registered charity in the state of California, and is not a soliciting contributions outside of California"?
The laws and regulations that non-profit organizations have to follow can vary greatly from state to state, and many require that the non-profit be registered in that state to conduct various types of fundraising there. The internet complicates this a bit, because our website can be viewed anywhere with an internet connection. So, we've followed the advice of making a statement to the effect that if you live outside of California, we are not asking you for a donation.

I don't live in California, can I still sponsor GalaxyGoo in the blogathon?
Yes! Thank you for asking.

How do I sponsor GalaxyGoo in the blogathon?
Please complete the sponsorship form on the blogathon website.