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Introduction: In this piece, Edwin uses a cellular automata to simulate a forest fire. It's related to the game of life, and I think that Edwin has a version of that coming up later today. I really like systems like these. You'll need the flash9 player for this one. ~Kristin.


Author: Edwin Heijmen
Author's comments: This is a simulation of a forestfire using Cellular Automata. Each green dot is a tree that has a small chance to catch fire (due to an uncareful person or a lightning strike etc) and when on fire other trees surrounding it catch fire too, etc... Also an empty spot in the forest has a small chance of growing a new tree on it, creating an eternal cycle.

NOTE: FlashPlayer9 required!

Links to more information:

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that looks like a screenshot from an old Namco videogame called Assault. where's the tanks??

I really dig this one. Would be awesome to integrate some type of simple procedural generation for the "forest" to get the placement of the trees and see what that yeilds (IE, natural break lines, etc).