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Diffusion Limited Aggregation : Fractal Growth

Introduction: I've always loved the crazy shapes that coral can grow into. This mimics it to a tee. Pretty! - Edwin


Author: Mike Johnson

Author's comments:

This is a simple demonstration of Diffusion Limited Aggregation, which is a fractal
growth model. It can be found in both living and non-living structures such as coral and
snowflakes. The basic idea is to take an initial seed in the environment, then present other
seeds which wander - in this example using simplified brownian motion. If the particle
wanders outside the acceptable radius, it is killed and a new one spawned to take it's place.
If it hits an existing structure, it sticks, and a new one is spawned. For purposes of simulation,
this example has many particles each taking many steps each visible frame.

This requires Flash 8.

This was done purely using FlashDevelop and MTASC and includes the project file.

Download Source

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