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Data on a Line

Introduction: As a scientist, looking for new ways to visualize data easily seems to be one of those weekly/monthly/yearly tasks. I have to agree with Kristin -- circles catch the eye in ways that bar graphs just don't. My brain goes to the idea of density plots, but then again, that might be the hour. Phyllis

birdFluGraph1a.jpg birdFluGraph1b.jpg

Author: Kristin Henry
Author's comments: I still like the circles for a data visualization, but they just don't work on a map animation. Here are two versions drawn along a line. The map is still there, but as a faint background. While these don't have the impact of placing data on a map, and expanding it over time, they are interesting. If I had time, I'd make the version with circles stretchy, so that the circles would always stay the same distance apart regardless of the diameters.

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Using circles gives it an additional sense of 'urgency' I think. Really nice visualization!