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And now, for our surprise guest...Keith Peters of bit-101. There's a lot of neat stuff going on here, and it even looks like he's using the lineGradientStyle to the lines in the chart. Nice!

Author: Keith Peters

Author's comments:
I'm doing a Psychology course and they had one of those charts that shows the number of sexual partners of average men and women. It never made sense to me that men could have more partners than women. I mean, who are they "partnering" with??? So I did a little data visualization, which makes things pretty clear. Don't worry, it's clean!

100 boys on the left. 100 girls on the right. Each gets assigned a number of partners based on a Kinsey survey. Then they...hook up. Each boy chooses a girl or two, or twenty (or more) and makes a connection. When each girl has "had enough", she's out of the running. Results in an interesting emergent behavior, which pretty much mimics how things work in society.

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No comment on which category I fall in, but it looks stunning visually!

The html seems to be scaling it down a bit. Looks best at full resolution. 800x600

Should be fixed now.

This is too cool. I think Flash is wonderful for visualising this type of thing!

Nice illustration. Somehow i think a swarming behaviour would have been equally appropriate :)

I think this would be interesting to see with real data. Do men and women with low partnerNums tend to cluster, or do the promiscuous men and women partner with all levels of promiscuity.

I should play with the code in this model...the former antropologist in me is very curious :-)